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Career success for disruptive times. | taught by Dee McCrorey

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An online course that began as a 3-day corporate workshop in 2000 and updated for today's disruptive business and workplace environments, The Scrappy Corporate Entrepreneur℠ covers the practical aspects of becoming a resourceful and frugal entrepreneurial thinker and doer in the world of disruptive innovation. Stand out and make a difference in your career and the world of work!

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Dee McCrorey
Dee McCrorey
Author, Innovation Catalyst, Global Change Leader

My passion? Connecting the dots between business opportunities and transformation. I love showing my clients the way to operational excellence, workforce innovations, and supply chain sustainability.

As Reinvention Strategist and Innovation Catalyst for Risktaking for Success, I’ve learned that fearlessness and transformation go hand in hand. I’ve worked for nearly three decades in strategic planning, change leadership, supply chain operations, and program transformations.

I've coached and mentored hundreds of leaders and career professionals over the years and I'm honored to have been mentored and coached by some truly amazing individuals.

I take a practical approach to catalyzing innovation. I show my clients how to spot gaps in their business strategies and planning, how to lead and navigate disruptive environments, and how to reinvent their supply chain models in a smarter, sustainable way. My book Innovation in a Reinvented World: 10 Essential Elements to Succeed in the New World of Business (John Wiley & Sons) showcases those strategies.

As an entrepreneurial leader I'm proud of my teams' past efforts that resulted in over a million dollars in savings and the creation of new revenue streams for Fortune 500 companies. Possessing the skills required for leading high impact programs, combined with an ever-evolving expertise for business group turnarounds, a colleague re-branded me as someone who would ‘Fix it, Get rid of it, or Reinvent it’.

My educational roots in journalism and international relations, combined with a five-year expatriate experience in Europe and the Middle East, provide me with a rich understanding of multicultural settings and international business environments.

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Dee McCrorey, Instructor


Course Curriculum

Surveying the Lay of the Land
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360 Stakeholder Management
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Formal and Informal Rules
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The Art of Being Understood
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The Scrappy Side of Resourcefulness
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Discovering Disruptive Opportunities
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Leading Disruptive, Innovating Teams
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Joining a Disruptive, Innovative Team
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Corporate Entrepreneurship on a Shoestring Budget
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Reinventing Your Role as Corporate Entrepreneur
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Evergreen Corporate Entrepreneurship
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