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In today's new business reality you can expect to have multiple careers--and reinventions--in your lifetime, whether you're employed by someone else, operating as a small business owner, or self-employed.

Self-reinventions can inspire and re-engage you on the job and in your career. Ready to take a risk on yourself?

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Need to fast-track your career reinvention in 30 days? Here's what you'll learn in this self-paced 16 video lesson course plus bonus videos:

  • How to use closure to boost your self-reinvention motivation
  • 7 steps for crafting your reinvention plan
  • Allowing creativity & intuition to do the heavy lifting for you
  • How to read & interpret your environment during a reinvention
  • Building a change story narrative for your self-reinvention
  • How to manage Plan B's and pivots during a reinvention
  • Self-disruption as a differentiator and career game changer
  • 6 Ugly Dog Projects to leverage in rebranding your career
  • Connecting the dots of your Career Reinvention Plan
  • Developing your personal brand / re-branding strategy
  • Owning your exit strategy and reinvention legacy
  • Launching the Product of You
  • Discover your reinvention sweet spot (includes Optimum Change Cycle templates)

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Dee McCrorey
Dee McCrorey
Author: Innovation in a Reinvented World, Futurist, Global Change Leader

My passions? Helping organizations connect the dots between business strategies and transformation, while helping professionals connect their own dots between career strategies and personal transformation.

I take a practical approach to catalyzing innovation by showing clients how to spot gaps in their strategies and plans. I delight in helping leaders navigate organizational and workplace change. My book Innovation in a Reinvented World: 10 Essential Elements to Succeed in the New World of Business (John Wiley & Sons) showcases my approach to implementing these strategies.

Incorporating decades of practical experience in the development of our core and ancillary e-courses, we focus on supporting your efforts to remain ahead of the curve in business, in the workplace, and in your career.

Instructor: Dee McCrorey

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