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This e-course started as a 3-day corporate workshop in 2000 and has been updated for today's disruptive business and workplace environments. We've added the convenience of completing each of these twelve lessons at your own schedule and pace. The Scrappy Corporate Entrepreneur℠ covers the practical aspects of resourcefulness as an entrepreneurial thinker and doer in the world of innovation and transformational business.

In just twelve lessons you'll gain an excellent understanding of how to influence change within the organization and altering the landscape. Take what you know, then incorporate this practical learning and advice for building your bench as a corporate entrepreneur (also referred to as intrapreneur).

Dee McCrorey
Dee McCrorey
Author: Innovation in a Reinvented World, Futurist, Global Change Leader

My passions? Helping organizations connect the dots between business strategies and transformation, while helping professionals connect their own dots between career strategies and personal transformation.

I take a practical approach to catalyzing innovation by showing clients how to spot gaps in their strategies and plans. I delight in helping leaders navigate organizational and workplace change. My book Innovation in a Reinvented World: 10 Essential Elements to Succeed in the New World of Business (John Wiley & Sons) showcases my approach to implementing these strategies.

Incorporating decades of practical experience in the development of our core and ancillary e-courses, we focus on supporting your efforts to remain ahead of the curve in business, in the workplace, and in your career.

Dee McCrorey, Instructor

Contact: http://www.seedingchange.link/contact.html

Course Curriculum

Leading Disruptive, Innovating Teams
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Joining a Disruptive, Innovative Team
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Evergreen Corporate Entrepreneurship
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