Harness Your Natural Negotiating Style℠

Reinvent collaboration. Increase your confidence. Build out your negotiations workbench. | taught by Dee McCrorey

Course description

Make the most of your strengths while creating balanced outcomes during negotiations. Never fear walking away from a bad deal again—know what questions to ask yourself in advance so that you'll know the difference. Your instructor negotiated million dollar deals for a Fortune 100 Silicon Valley company while grooming and training team members in the fine art of negotiations.

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What you'll learn in this self-paced online course:

  • Discover Your Natural Negotiating Style™
  • Convert Your Natural Style into Negotiating Power
  • Winning Naturally: Creating Balance with Different Negotiating Styles
  • Templates: Repeatable Success (Microsoft Excel download)
  • Preparing for Five Critical Turning Points
  • Five 500 lb. "Gorilla Situations"

Includes a 126-page workbook with additional strategies, tactics, tips and exercises!

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Dee McCrorey
Dee McCrorey
Author: Innovation in a Reinvented World, Futurist, Global Change Leader

My passions? Helping organizations connect the dots between business strategies and transformation, while helping professionals connect their own dots between career strategies and personal transformation.

I take a practical approach to catalyzing innovation by showing clients how to spot gaps in their strategies and plans. I delight in helping leaders navigate organizational and workplace change. My book Innovation in a Reinvented World: 10 Essential Elements to Succeed in the New World of Business (John Wiley & Sons) showcases my approach to implementing these strategies.

Incorporating decades of practical experience in the development of our core and ancillary e-courses, we focus on supporting your efforts to remain ahead of the curve in business, in the workplace, and in your career.